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Rudy's Catering

Branding & Print Materials

Rudy's Catering is a family-owned restaurant in downtown Halifax, established in 1983. Known for its friendly atmosphere and home-cooked meals, it holds a significant place in the Maritime community. Our collaboration aimed to enhance Rudy's branding, ensuring it remains contemporary while respecting its rich heritage.

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Vectorize Logo

Rudy’s prominent feature is its neon sign. Our task was to transform this neon sign into a versatile vectorized logo. This allowed for a modern adaptation that can be used across multiple platforms without losing its original charm.

Giveaway Card

Loyalty incentives are crucial. We designed a giveaway card incorporating the new logo and neon lines. This card offers spaces for five coffee bean stamps or hole punches, representing five free coffees for the holder.

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Halifax Branding Design 8

Prepaid Card

For frequent visitors, we created a prepaid stamp card for 20 coffees, maintaining the neon design elements. The card features 20 coffee beans, each indicating a coffee purchase, ready to be stamped or punched.

Halifax Branding Design 7

Menu Board

To enhance the in-house experience, we crafted a digital menu for their TVs. The design, consistent with the new branding, utilized neon motifs, lines, and the established colour palette.

Halifax Branding Design 2


Branding consistency extends to takeaways. We designed die-cut stickers to be used on various items, most notably their takeout bags, ensuring the Rudy's brand is present even outside the restaurant.

Cup Sleeves

To complement the Rudy’s coffee experience, we introduced branded cup sleeves. These, designed in line with the other branding materials, make Rudy's beverages instantly recognizable.

Halifax Branding Design 1

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