26 February 2021


BeResponsive Media’s digital marketing approach enables successful business transformation through strategic marketing phases.

HALIFAX — The BeResponsive Media team was introduced to Corrie Melanson’s business in January 2021 during our initial Marketing Discovery Call with her. COVID-19 had forced her to shift her training and consulting business from in-person to online delivery. The way she had built her business was no-longer sustainable…so she had to change if she was to survive.

Corrie’s business transformation was partially fueled through the support of the Centre for Women in Business. They have released an article that talks about their partnership with her.

“Corrie worked with BeResponsive Media to create a brand and website with a focus on her online work. Once she got started, she quickly realized that this would be an ongoing project with at least three phases. Phase one included the initial setup. Phase two will feature the implementation of e-commerce capabilities. Phase three will dive into search engine optimization and marketing.”

Corrie’s new website is now live, She is offering her third online course, finishing up her fourth organizational training, and preparing for three more big projects. She says that being able to point clients to one place – her new website – has made a huge impact on generating and closing new leads. Her business is now thriving once again…online!

BeResponsive’s priority is to help our clients reveal the path to achieving their goals and then stay with them for support when the transition begins! We are in the midst of Phase 2 of her marketing plan, and phase three of the digital marketing strategy will begin later in 2021.

We enjoy our partnership with Corrie and celebrate her determination to let no obstacle (even a pandemic) stand in her way of doing what she loves and being a success!

Go to full CWB Article!

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