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Now is the perfect opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses in all segments to perfect their digital strategy to steal business from their bigger competitors.

BeResponsive Digital Marketing makes it easier to compete online with those big brands you never imagined you’d have a chance to beat… AND we can help you do it more affordably than you ever could in a mall (commercial real estate fees) or using traditional marketing collateral (billboards, TV, print, radio).




The Digital360 data tells us what’s working, what isn’t, and where you should invest time and money. It gives you a specific gap analysis and shows you the clear opportunities to win.

Now you have all you need to integrate the data into your digital brand management strategy, content marketing, Google/Facebook ads, and technical SEO improvements. We know this may sound a little overwhelming, but don’t worry… our team is here to support you all the way!

We’ll create a specialized dream client avatar that profiles your ideal client and highlights their demographics, pain points, desires, and beliefs — so you know exactly how to reach them.

Then, we work with you to attract more traffic to your website and gain more insight into what your clients want to see. Managing your content marketing and using the keyword opportunities outlined in your report will rank your site higher on search results so that your ideal client can find you!



What the heck is a heatmap? More than just a weather display, that’s for sure.

If you’re looking at a web page and you want to know which areas get the most attention, a heat map shows you in a visual way that’s easy to assimilate and base decisions on. Using a warm-to-cool colour spectrum, this visual graphic tells you what exactly on your site is attracting customers, and what is not. Using our technical research strategies, we can also see recordings of each visit with timestamps to show you the EXACT path they take on your site. You receive a heat map analysis of your website’s pages to see which pages, buttons, or tabs users are most attracted to when they visit.


Our extensive keyword research tells us what your ideal client is ACTUALLY searching for, how many times a month each keyword is searched, and the difficulty of ranking for each keyword. So, once we determine the hotspots on your website, we can add the top keywords in your industry into your content in those areas.

These are just a few things our Digital360 report tells you, and we’ll guide you through the rest.

If you haven’t talked with us about a Digital360 for your business, now’s the time! Let us get you the data and give you the strategy to help you beat your competitors!

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