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Changes to Google’s search algorithm are here. Here’s how it impacts your website.

Are you aware of how the user experience on your website is now being factored into your Google Search results ranking?  As of August 2021, Google is taking more and more metrics into account when displaying its results.

My name is Seamus Moore, I am a Web Developer at BeResponsive Media, here’s how you can discover how the scores you receive on the new metrics will impact traffic to your website.

The testing of your website is broken down into one of four different categories, they are:

  • The performance examines the speed of your site or how fast it loads
  • Accessibility considers issues users may encounter on your page.
  • Best Practices looks at how healthy your page is from a technical point of view
  • SEO provides information about how (Google) sees or finds your website.

If your scores on these metrics are not up to par, Google will start penalizing you. This will result in your web page being ranked further down on the results page, or you may find that the new content you are generating is not ranking at all!

The reason I want you to know this valuable intelligence is to ensure you are ranking as high as possible on Google Search results.  Each one of the audits performed on your website will have actions and steps you can take to help you improve the health of your website.

If you are unsure how to implement these changes, how to interpret your results, or even how to perform this testing on your website. I encourage you to reach out to us at BeResponsive Media for a free discussion about your needs and goals!


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