Maritimes Immigration was preparing to implement a corporate growth strategy, and they knew they needed more leads coming in through their website to reach their revenue targets. They were not aware of their industry's digital landscape and needed a tangible strategy to compete online.


Beresponsive approach

A Digital360 would give them the strategy and the actionable next steps needed to accomplish their business goals. The project deliverables highlighted key components of the immigration industry, insight on competitors, content recommendations, and other digital opportunities. Their specific digital analysis included those searching for Canadian Immigration Consulting services in English and Portuguese (searches from Brazil).

Client Success

The client implemented the recommendations into their existing website content and created a new blog to reach secondary search terms identified from their Digital360 report. These blog posts will help attract and educate new leads. They instantly saw an increase in organic search traffic and overall traffic to the Maritimes Immigration website. The strategy for targeting Brazilians was different than for targeting those who are in North America. The resulting content strategy and keyword implementation was unique for each region.
Organic Traffic Graphic
After identifying technical website issues in the Digital360 website analysis report, the client’s web developer corrected these problems to ensure their website was issue-free! BeResponsive optimized each page to align with the identified opportunities, which helped Maritimes gain more organic search traffic in a short time!

Social Media Ads Results

Our team created and ran multiple digital ad campaigns through Facebook and Instagram, which were successful in the client receiving maximum impressions, engagements from followers, and interactions.
Digital Agency

“I highly recommend the Digital360 because it will take your business to a new level by increasing the number of quality leads you get through your website. The knowledge and experience of their team will give you the strategy you need to thrive online!”

– Lucas Nonnemacher, CEO, Maritimes Immigration Consulting


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