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If you haven’t yet read the previous posts in this series, don’t miss out:

From Physical to Digital | Incorporating new marketing strategies in the new normal brings the current marketplace to your attention by addressing how COVID-19 has changed the digital marketing world. It poses the question: Does your brand really need a storefront?

From Physical to Digital | Knowing your digital competitors explains BeResponsive Media’s custom Digital360 report’s benefits, so you know where to invest time and money in your marketing efforts.


For those new to the scene, SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic by fine-tuning your content. Using the right keywords improves how you rank in search results and increases the chance of your ideal client landing on your page!

Your personalized Digital360 report shows which of your current marketing efforts are working and which are not. After our team creates a content strategy to improve your digital brand management using our Digital360 data findings and your custom Dream Client Avatar(s), your content will start reaching customers you never imagined. It will help you rank higher in the search results and ultimately attract new, valuable leads.

We know you work hard on your business and your website, and it’s likely close to your heart. We’re here to tell you GOOD NEWS: you can do even better using strategic marketing services.

Transform your website into a lead generation engine by taking your target clients through an education journey: They get to know, like, and trust you, which means they’re ready to take the next step and contact you. Now you have a lead you can begin selling to.

A marketing strategy is an integrated plan to help grow and engage a business’s audience effectively. In this day and age, it is vital to map out a path by setting goals and specific digital marketing strategies in your business plan.

Suppose you don’t have a marketing strategy in place. In that case, you are guaranteed to be missing opportunities for better targeting or optimization. Or, you are suffering from other challenges such as not knowing your online audience and their behaviour, constantly losing to your competitors, or simply wasting money on your current marketing without getting results.

  1. Is this you?
  2. If so, where do you start?

Halifax digital marketing agency BeResponsive Media has access to the latest marketing software to share critical data with our clients about their business. One such software is Constant Contact Lead Gen & CRM – a powerful online marketing automation platform to help companies identify leads, behaviour, and engagement from potential or existing customers. You will:

  • learn about your leads through stats on campaigns and tracking capabilities,
  • score leads based on behaviour and which links, pages, or posts they’re interacting with, AND
  • connect with your leads directly through the platform to add them into your sales pipeline.


Positioning your business as a top competitor won’t happen overnight! We invest time, research, and expertise into building your website SEO so you can go head-to-head with the best.



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