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5 Keys to Make Your Marketing Work in 2024

Marketing is central to your business success. However, we know that your personal experience with marketing has likely caused you frustration and yielded limited results. If you step back for a minute and look at things differently, it can change your experience and outcomes!


Many business leaders don't fully appreciate why marketing matters. They know it's essential for their business success, but they struggle to see how the investment really works.


We propose that these are the FIVE KEYS that will ensure that your marketing starts to provide meaningful results.


KEY #1



Do you know who your best customers are? Their wants and needs when buying a product or service in your industry? And how about understanding their business struggles so that you can help overcome them?

Trying to reach everyone can be insanely hard to do. Everyone has different pain points, ideas, preferences, goals, budgets, etc. Take a moment and think about the best customer you have right now. Why are they the best? What is it that you love about them and that they love about you? Imagine having more customers like that!

It would be best if you always tried to reach a target audience or client and work to direct your content to those specific people. So, with your best current customers in mind, start building your marketing messages (through your website, your social media, and your digital ads) to target the best customers for your business. When you do that, your marketing will be more laser focussed.


KEY #2



The word choice and grammar you use online will significantly influence your audience's journey on your website. Always ask yourself: Will my target client understand my content? And how can I engage them best?

Simplification is the best policy. Initially, visitors to your website will be just scanning. Help them discover and understand the essential information for them within the most direct pathway. Please give them the information they need to be educated and make decisions about your products/services but don’t overwhelm them.

With the proper marketing practices and strategies, you can identify new opportunities to reach users through your content while building positive customer relationships.


KEY # 3



SEO (search engine optimization) improves the quality and quantity of website traffic by fine-tuning your content, so it is found by those you are targeting. Using the right keywords improves your position or rank in search results and increases the chance of your ideal client landing on your page!

We know you work hard on your business and website, which is likely close to your heart. That's why it's time to transform your website into a lead generation engine by implementing a strategic SEO approach. Suppose you knew precisely what your target audience typed into Google Search to find your or your competitor's business. Those are the “keywords” you need to be found in Google. When you know them, you can optimize those keywords by scattering them throughout your website content and the underlying code.

Having great SEO is the ultimate KEY to being found online. This is a critical pathway to increasing your sales.


KEY #4



Every business needs Digital Marketing.

Marketing your business online is the secret sauce in today's online world, so if you haven't invested in your brand's digital marketing practices, now's the time!

Digital marketing involves researching and understanding your audience and creating content they can connect with. As a business owner, you need to constantly get to know your audience better, making communicating with them easier and meeting their wants, needs, and values effectively. You want to ensure that your digital marketing strategies are drawing them in and holding their attention, making it more likely for them to purchase your product or service.


BUT Traditional Marketing is still very effective…

Traditional marketing is any marketing that can be done WITHOUT using the internet. These tactics include postcards, coupons, information packets, TV or radio commercials, billboards, flyers, and more. This type of marketing has been proven to work. It has been used and evolved for a long time; people trust it and are comfortable with it.

Traditional marketing strategies work better for many businesses depending on their industry and which market they strive to adopt. For example, those targeting older audiences, such as 60+, will want to stick with traditional marketing tactics as the market prefers these.

Marketing that helps you connect in person also is hyper-effective. Tradeshows and in-person events are very relational. People buy from people they get to know and trust. Many times you can build that relationship better than using pure online methodologies.

The bottom line is balance. You can strategically use digital marketing to support or enhance traditional marketing.


KEY #5



You've done everything to yield positive results for your business online, but how do you know you've achieved those results? The secret sauce to effective digital data analyst marketing is collecting the correct data.

Fortunately, today's marketing presents opportunities to run your campaigns and evaluate the metrics and successes of those campaigns. Business owners can now receive detailed reports on what's working and not, so you can decide what to do next.

Data is the foundation of a concrete marketing strategy. It helps you make wise and strategic decisions. Successful brand management comes when you commit to improving your digital marketing system based on new and enhanced target market analysis.


An excellent digital marketing agency helps you identify KEY opportunities to flourish in your industry. These opportunities may include

  1. A content strategy with strategic and targeted SEO keywords to integrate into various pages on your website
  2. A digital ads strategy to gain traffic and generate more leads
  3. Or a technical website audit to identify any errors on the back end of your brand's website (like page load speed) to ensure you are following Google’s recommended best-practices


Though our team is made up of digital marketing superfans, we believe there should be a balance between a company's traditional and digital efforts. Both types play an essential role in a marketing strategy, but they are more robust when used in unison. Knowing your audience is the key to deciding how to market your business and position yourself for tremendous success. Knowing whom you're selling to, where they're trying to find you, and what they are looking for, you'll be able to determine how to get your brand in front of them (However, our team does this best if you need assistance!)


Our Digital360 package will provide you with all three strategies and more! We deep dive into your digital landscape to identify your top marketing opportunities. Our team builds a complete and customized strategy for you to beat your top industry competitors online.


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