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This is why you need a CRM for your business...

Spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes aren’t working anymore, huh?

Whether you own a small start-up business or a well-established corporation, you might be having trouble organizing and maintaining your client relationships and opportunities. This is where a CRM platform will come in handy. A CRM software becomes your best friend by helping you organize your sales efforts as a business owner or senior manager.


What is a CRM and what does it do?

A CRM software, or customer relationship management platform, is an automated system for organizing all strategies, sales funnels/pipelines, leads, communication tools, and technologies used to maintain sales and customer relationships. The system can store data about both current and potential customers, analyze past customer interactions, and smooth communication between clients and company employees.

Why do I need CRM marketing?

Without using a CRM strategy for client management, it may be challenging for you to have a clear understanding of your current and potential customers.


Stop letting opportunities slip through the cracks.


Whether you’re misplacing client information or struggling to keep up with your sales team, it might be time to start using a CRM if you relate to any of the following scenarios.


1. You’re unable to keep up with new leads, or those leads have multiple points of contact.

If your business is healthy and constantly generating new leads, a CRM will help you organize and sort these leads by company, products, and client relationships. You can also set custom metrics to track sales goals and pipeline conversions, including cycle time, touchpoints, and managing follow-up communication.


2. Your client’s data is hard to locate and analyze.

CRM software lets you view client communication, statistics, and analytics on their very own business profile. It will show you their activity and whether they are active on the documents you send them.


3. You can’t keep up with the progress of your sales team.

As a business owner or senior manager, knowing what your sales team is doing and what opportunities are being worked on is essential. CRM marketing will ensure that you and your sales team can efficiently track every lead and allow you to monitor them as they go through your sales pipelines and process.

We want to help your sales team do what they do best – SELL.


4. Your reporting process takes too long.

Over time while measuring the ROI of your marketing spend, a CRM platform generates automated monthly reports based on your client’s data, new leads, sales pipeline updates, and more. You’ll be able to confidently know whether your marketing and sales are working or not!


The short answer is, if you sell a product, provide a service, or deal with clients in any way, you probably do need a CRM — especially if you want your business to grow.


If you’re ready to try out a CRM strategy for your business and make your life as a business owner more manageable, it’s time to take that step. Often, the big question now is… “what CRM should I invest in?” We have worked with many of the leading marketing automation and CRM platforms. We would be happy to share our experiences based on your specific business needs and business goals.


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