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Is your website holding you back from being competitive online?

Have you spent tens of thousands of dollars building and rebuilding your website over the last decade, and it just doesn’t seem to help your business drive more leads and generate more sales?
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Simply put, if your website is NOT working, you need to know WHY. The solution is not to rebuild it. You need to know, is it too slow? Does it work on mobile devices? Is the user interface confusing? You need a strategy to optimize your website.
Often we see websites that are not complying with Google’s requirements – so they are penalizing you and not showing your site to customers searching for your solutions.

Do you know what tests Google wants your site to pass? 

As an SEO company, we use tools to perform technical audits to see exactly how Google is scoring your site. We can then couple this data with a user journey analysis to form a data-driven website optimization plan.
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website seo services

We will perform a technical audit on your site, which will reveal the important things to fix for website search engine optimization.

Site speed

  • Website Speed: If it is slow, Google will penalize you.
  • Image Size: Are your images properly sized and optimally compressed?
  • Site Up-to-date: Is your website software up-to-date, secure and code optimized?

SEO Optimization

  • Meta Tags: Are these present and optimized on each page?
  • Desktop vs. Mobile: Google wants to see your site is optimized on mobile devices.
  • Keywords: Does your site contain the phrases that your customers are searching for?

User Journey

  • Accessibility: Does your website meet basic accessibility standards?
  • User Experience: How are users interacting on your website? Are there problems with the user interface?
  • Calls to Action: Do you have clear calls to action that direct visitors on a specific journey?
Now that you can see the pathway to improving your website technically, it's time to transform it into the lead-generation engine you always wanted it to be! Let us help you get started by providing a FREE Digital Snapshot which identifies the top three issues you need to address.
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This report is compiled by our team of experts, not by automated software!

Your Free report will show:

You vs Your Competitors:
How your website is doing compared to your competitors
The Top 3 Technical Issues
What are the top 3 technical issues that need to be improved on your website
Your Top 3 Opportunities
to DRIVE MORE LEADS and attract visitors to your site

The Websites of Your Top Three Competitors (We ask for your competitors’ websites because this will help us show you how you compare to them digitally.)

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We will analyze your website, your competitors, your opportunities and give our top three technical recommendations.


We will compile your FREE REPORT within two business days.


You are welcome to schedule a free 30-minute virtual coffee meeting to discuss how your business can improve technically and compete better online.
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