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SEO—or Search Engine Optimization—is not as complicated as it sounds. SEO is how your business website ranks in Google when people search for your products or services. It’s the result of a task we all do every day!

Statistics show that 88 to 90% of people searching visit websites that appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

The challenge for most businesses is: How do I get on the first page?

Google takes into account several key factors to assess and determine what ranking they will give your site. Here are the key things their algorithms consider:

Website Design

  • Does your site load quickly?
  • Does your site work well on mobile devices?

Website Security

  • Can your site be trusted?
  • Does it have a security certificate?

Website Content

  • Does your homepage describe what people are searching for?
  • Does it have quality keyword content?

Links From Other Sites

  • Quality: Are other authoritative sites linking to your site?
  • Consistency: Is the information about your business consistent on sites across the web?
  • Quantity: How many other sites are linking to your site?

Local Ranking Factors

  • Google My Business: Is your business profile properly set up?
  • Citations: Are other businesses or consumers referring to you?
  • Reviews: Do you have great reviews from your customers on Google, Yelp, and Facebook?

Social Media

  • Presence: Are you active on the social media platforms that are appropriate for your business?
  • Strategic: Are you posting regularly and offering value in your posts?


Google essentially awards you with “points” for these and other criteria. Based on the total, it determines the position of your business in their search results: high or low.

So, how are you doing? Do you even know?


We can help! Learn more about our Digital360 and request a free discovery call NOW to find out how you’re doing today and to set up a plan to knock it out of the park tomorrow.

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