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Things every B2B website needs to improve digital brand management

B2B Digital Brand Management

How many new things did you buy online during the COVID-19 pandemic? And don’t lie, we know you bought more than you needed… just like the rest of us!

Online shopping has become a convenient and preferred alternative for many consumers around the world, especially because of the pandemic. Therefore, continually updating your B2B website is critical to increase your sales and improve your digital brand management.

So, what does an ideal website look like to you? Here are just a few things every B2B website needs…



1. A fast, reliable, and secure website


How big are you on first impressions?


As a B2B company trying to market your brand online, making a great first impression to other businesses online is imperative. Upon clicking on your website, you may not know that it only takes about 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion on your website. This is based on the speed, appearance, and usability, so you want to make sure your web developer has the expertise to create secure, fast, engaging, and reliable websites.


2. Professional SEO strategy


Good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the epitome of winning online. A professional SEO strategy can be achieved by partnering with a digital marketing agency, who will help you determine your business goals and create a strategic plan on HOW you will achieve each one.


You WANT people to find you online and having SEO that actually works, is the sure-fire way to make yourself visible in Google Search.


3. High-quality blog content


Content is what makes the online world go ‘round. Having a blog page on your website allows you to share the latest industry tips and tricks, product specifications and features, trends and focuses, and really, anything else you want to share with your audience or educate them on!


Blogging is also an excellent way to integrate MORE keywords into your website and thus, drive MORE traffic! Your new blog posts are automatically boosted higher in Google search results as Google rewards you for staying active in updating your site with relevant and fresh content.


4. Mobile-friendly design


How does your website look on a mobile device? Is it optimized? Visual? Easy to navigate?


Being a B2B company in a mobile-driven society, many of your customers will be viewing your website on a mobile phone or tablet. If these users have trouble navigating your site on mobile, they are likely to exit and look at another company whose site is more user experience (UX) oriented.


If you’re ready to discuss your website design situation and needs AND create a suitable, professional SEO strategy, it’s time to make a move!


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