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FYI on Featured Google Search Snippets

Here’s some food for thought: How many times have you typed a question, searched a definition, or tried to find a company on Google search? Countless, right?


Well, most times when you search these things, you will discover what’s called a featured snippet.


What is a featured snippet in Google?


It is a short bit of text that appears at the top of Google’s search results to quickly answer your search query. Google Snippets are usually a result of a great SEO strategy which can be formulated with the help of a digital agency or a local marketing services company. Being often referred to as “position 0” as they lay above search results, these can be in the format of definitions, lists, tables, or steps.

Example of BeResponsive Media featured in a Google Snippet:

Why are featured snippets important?


Being featured in a snippet gives users searching your industry a shortcut to discovering your website, product, or service. It means your content is automatically being exposed to the user at the top of the results page before any of the real results. Because of this placement, users are more likely to click on your website link to read more about the topic they’re searching IF your SEO strategies have already satisfied some of their search query.


How to get a featured snippet on Google Search?


If you want your brand to be featured in a snippet to start increasing your traffic organically, you will first want to determine which question or query your brand answers for users. This will likely be included in your marketing strategy and implemented in your website content, blogs, and/or article posts. Because you are answering someone’s request for information, you become a subject area expert on topics people are researching before they even move to finding a solution.

Having professional SEO services will help you determine which keywords to go after, what questions people are asking, and which will bring in the most exposure and traffic to your brand.


Google Snippet Example: Digital Brand Management


As a digital marketing agency, our team at BeResponsive are leaders in digital brand management. So, one of our very first blog articles was to define “what is digital brand management.” This post was one of the first on this topic (over five years ago) and to this day, this post is the first result for people searching for this definition. As such, we are the featured snippet:

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