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It’s no secret that COVID-19 may have given businesses the push they needed to transition from physical to digital. The pandemic has presented endless e-commerce and digital marketing operation strategies for businesses to implement.

Many companies have been relying on digital processes in the workplace since long before the pandemic, whether it be methods for collecting payments, listening to the radio for the latest news, or trying out the newest iPhone apps to improve efficiency.

The challenges of communicating through technology, working from home, and staying protected from the virus have opened our eyes to what else is actually possible with technology, making the digital world ultimately limitless.

Changes have led many business owners to ask: Do I REALLY need a physical storefront?



The GAP, a presence in many North American malls for decades, has recently announced its three-year plan to close over 300 stores on the continent — that’s more than one-third of its physical stores by the year 2024.

Admired women’s retailer Victoria’s Secret and bath and body company Bath and Body Works announced they’ll be closing about 300 stores in Canada as part of their strategy to survive amid falling sales.

So, if multinational companies with famous brands are going digital, what does this mean for small businesses?

With the right approach to brand management, your business could easily compete with the top contenders. We at BeResponsive Media can make that happen!

Our Digital360 package shows you relevant data so you can make wise decisions for your business. By providing a complete overview of your company’s digital landscape, your industry, and your online competitors, we show you how to WIN ONLINE.

Using the right keyword-driven marketing strategies and top-performing analytics software, our professional marketing agency can provide you with expertise AND show you real results in no time!

We’ll prove to you that even if a business LOOKS successful, this isn’t always the case. The success of your business lies in the marketing decisions you make and initiatives you implement on a DAILY basis. This means timely, frequent content, engagement, and updates that incorporate the right strategies to move your business to the top of search results pages.

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